You began your night fucking a girl that looks like your crush on a table and now less than two hours later she’s dead and she’s a goblin and the girl that killed her is another one you really like and now you find out she can talk and understands Common and you realize that she could understand you THE WHOLE TIME and you’ve said some really embarrassing shit to her ‘cause you thought she couldn’t understand and HOLY SHIT this night did NOT go how you planned like AT ALL.


Page 61 panel 1
Uba: (horrified, Alexey comforting her) I-I didn’t mean to. She attacked me! I didn’t–!

Panel 2
Alexey: It’s okay. You’re alright.

Panel 3
Uba: (looking up at Alexey) I-I don’t even know who she is! She just jumped at me and…! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…!

Panel 4
Alexey: Niki?

Panel 5
Niki: She’s been dead too long, I can’t fix this. I’m sorry.

Panel 6
Uba: Oh, gods…

Panel 7
(Lysander staring down at her)

Panel 8
Lysander: You… you can talk!

Panel 9
Uba: Of course I can talk you idiot!

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