It was so much easier keeping track of everyone when they were in tents grouped together and not scattered around different wings of a massive palace.


Page 58 panel 1
(Bea opens door)

Panel 2
(Bradley and Niki in bed, making out)

Panel 3
(They look up, startled and embarrassed)
Bea: Oh, for–HEY!

Panel 4
Bea: Is this some kind of fuck holiday you mortals have that I don’t know about?!

Shard knows we’re here, pack up, we gotta go.

Panel 5
(Bea leaves. Bradley and Niki look at each other, embarrassed)

Panel 6
(they sit up)
Niki: What’s going on?
Bradley: I don’t know but she seems pissed.

Panel 7
(Begin to dress)
Niki: Who is Shard again?

Panel 8
(Bea comes back in)
Bea: Where’s Uba?

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