*Any more attention that is. Your little outburst in the hall killed any hope that your situation would go completely unnoticed. Now all we can hope is that no one cared because it’s the middle of the night and they just wanna sleep, for the love of god.


Page 57 panel 1
(Bea walks into her and Sancho’s room)
Bea: Wake up.

Panel 2
(Sancho rolls over groggily, rubbing eye)
Sancho: Bea? Where were ye? I waited up fer ye?

Panel 3
(Bea throws clothes at Sancho)
Bea: Hurry up, we have to go.
Sancho: What, now?

Panel 4
(Bea turns on him)
Bea: Yes, now! She wasn’t a halfling, she was a goblin! A spy sent from Shard, and he fucked her and told her everything about us and our mission, so now we have to leave so we can hope to stay ahead of her!

Panel 5
Sancho: (getting dressed) Fuck.

Panel 6
(Bea with pack and weapons storming out of room)
Bea: We have to get everybody up as quietly as possible so we don’t draw attention to ourselves.*
Sancho: I’ll pack Tulip.

Panel 7
(Bea opens door)

Panel 8
Bea: (kicking Alexey awake) Wake up we’re leaving.

Panel 9
Alexey: (still foggy) fdghlsd?
Bea: (off camera) Move it, old man!

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