Page 56 panel 1
Bea: Oh, well that’s fine, it’s all fine now, because he’s SORRY!

Panel 2
(jabs finger at him)
Bea: This is unforgivable. We could all die, do you know that? And all because you can’t keep your fucking
mouth shut
in bed!

Panel 3
Bea: Wait, why did you think I was Malinque just now? We don’t look…

Panel 4
(looks down)

Panel 5
(Lysander embarrassed)

Panel 6
Bea: Oh dear gods… You know what? I don’t wanna know.

Panel 7
Bea: Get your shit together, we’re leaving. Right now.

Panel 8
(slams door)
Bea:(from other side of door) Before you can fuck another enemy spy!

Panel 9
(outside Lysander’s room, Bea holds hand in pain)

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