There are so many refugees in this town that even their make-shift secondary marketplace is open 24/7.


Page 45 panel 1
(That night: Long panel across top. Palace courtyard. There is a sort of market square set up. Uba walking through. Off in left corner a gathering of people around preacher)
Preacher: Let us lift our voices in prayer that our beloved king may soon recover…

Panel 2
(Uba checks reflection in a silver tray)

Panel 3
(Uba passes into patio outside hallway leading to another wing of the palace)

Panel 4
(Uba in hallway)
Uba: (thinking) This is it. This is when you tell him. You talk to him, remind him of his promise.

Panel 5
Uba: (thinking) He said he would take you home. He said we would only be here long enough to collect supplies, and then we would go.

Panel 6
Uba:(thinking) Not spending every night with some stupid girl! The nerve of him! That’s all he wanted! I’m glad I ran out of there when I did!

Panel 7
Uba: [And I’m a childish fool for regretting it.]

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