“Poorly handled” would be the nice way of wording this.


Page 46 panel 1
(Uba’s hand knocking on Lysander’s door)

Panel 2
( Lysander opens it, smiling.)

Panel 3
Lysander: (looking down) Oh.

Panel 4
(Uba holds up finger and opens mouth to scold, is interrupted)

Panel 5
Lysander: (cowering behind door) Look, right now’s not really a good time. I’m expecting someone.

Panel 6
Lysander: Right, you can’t understand me. Erm…

Panel 7
Lysander: (making shoo hands) Erm…


Panel 8
(Uba shocked, then angry)

Panel 9
Voice from behind: *ahem*
(Uba looks up apprehensively)

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