This is the longest conversation he’s ever had with someone that wasn’t about raiding or dps optimization or how to trigger a rare drop from a miniboss.


Page 44 panel 1
Bradley: You like him, huh?
Uba: [I do. I did. He was… he was the only kind Roman I have ever met.]

Panel 2
Bradley: That’s really shitty. I’m sorry.
Uba: “Shitty?”

Panel 3
Bradley: But honestly? Screw him. Malinque’s like… at least thirty, and he’s practically our age. If he wants to go screw some gross middle-aged woman instead of hanging out with you, then that’s his frickin’ problem.

Panel 4
Uba: [But she’s using him! She’s manipulating him!]
Bradley: So? Let’im get burnt. Learn his lesson.

Panel 5
Uba: [But he’s… he’s so naîve! He doesn’t know he’s being manipulated, he thinks she loves him!]

Panel 6
Bradley: Wow, you really do care. I don’t know what to tell you, dude. I don’t really know how to people.

Panel 7
Bradley: But Beatrix would probably tell you to rip her guts out for daring to look at your man. The Professor would probably just mess with them. Heck, or probably join them. Sancho would tell you to ignore them and drink your feelings away or something.

Panel 8
Bradley: But Niki would tell you to talk to him. Tell him how you feel and sort it out like adults.

Panel 9
Uba: [Niki is very smart.]
Bradley: (smiles) She is.

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