Panel 2
Uba: (running over) [Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry!]

Panel 3
Bradley: (getting up) It’s okay. I don’t think anything’s broken. But it hurts like heck.

Panel 4
Bradley: What did we say about giving it too much power?
Uba: [I’m sorry, I was just… distracted.]

Panel 5
Bradley: (nervously) I, uh… I noticed. You wanna… talk about it?

Panel 6
Uba: (sits) [Why is he like this!]
Bradley: Who?

Panel 7
Uba: [He kissed me. I know I got angry and left, but… he could at least have apologized.]

Panel 8
Uba: [He was so nice, but then he just… ignored me. I was expecting him to say sorry, to try and make up for it like he usually does, and I could smile nicely and take his hand so he would know we were still friends, but… he just…]

Panel 9
Uba: [And that stupid woman! I don’t know why Beatrix hates her, but she’s right! She is only after him because he is a prince, she’s just using him! And he just… let’s her!]

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