Watching two foreigners who are guests of the king throw magic shit at each other is probably the most interesting thing to happen in the refugee camp since Old Man Ixo’s chicken got into the sacrificial wine.

< ...> = She is speaking Kasi to herself.

Spells include: Magic shield, fireball, grab, and Henson’s Bubble of Protection, which adds an extra degree of protection against knockback, which is really handy when a huge chunk of concrete ball court is coming at you at speed.


Page 42 panel 1
(One week later: ⅔ panel across top. Uba and Bradley training. She is firing off spells, he is blocking them with magic shield.)

Panel 2
Bradley: (blocking) Good.

Panel 3
(Uba angry, shooting bigger and more erratic spells)

Panel 4
Bradley: Whoa, careful!

Panel 5
Uba: (growls)

Panel 6
Bradley: (struggling to block. Getting knocked back by the force of her casting) Hey!

Panel 7
Uba: (squats down, fingers in concrete. Same material spreading up hands) You… stupid…

Panel 8
Bradley: (no more shield) Um, Uba…

Panel 9
Uba: (hurls a huge chunk of ground at Bradley) MAN!

Panel 10
(Bradley just barely gets a protective bubble up before being knocked back and hitting his back on a pillar.)

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