Goblin liquor isn’t known for tasting great, but it gets the job done quicker than any other. As long as you don’t mind twice the hangover.


Page 41 panel 1
(Night. A room. Bea curled up on one side of a double bed under covers, growling softly.)

Panel 2
(She closes eyes tight as door opens in background)

Panel 3
(Sancho climbs into bed next to her. Drunk)
Sancho: (I’m sorry)

Panel 4
Bea: *sniff* Ugk. How much have you had?
Sancho: (A lot. I’m sorry for that, too.)

Panel 5
Bea: What did they give you? It smells awful.
Sancho: (I don’t know. Some gobbo shit. It’s from corn and… something.)

Panel 6
Bea: Well you can forget about putting your mouth anywhere near me.
Sancho: (I know your line of work doesn’t make you trust people. You’re right. She could have been lying. But I still believe her.)

Panel 7
(Sancho’s arm around Bea. Bea facing him)
Bea: Hah. That’s because you’re still a good person. You can still see good in other people. But I’m not. I’m paranoid and untrusting and I still don’t trust her.

Sancho: (Fair enough. But could you not murder her anyway?)

Panel 8
Bea: (flirtingly) I’m not making any promises.

Panel 9
(Bea kissing his neck)

Panel 10
Sancho: (I thought you said to keep my mouth away.)

Panel 11
Bea: I don’t need your mouth.

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