Her methods are questionable, but to be fair they usually get results. You just can’t interrogate them a second time. At least, not without some skill in necromancy.


Page 37 panel 1
Sancho: (What do you think he’s going to do. Huh? Leave the group? Just stay here forever and–)

Panel 2
Bea: I think he’ll tell her things he shouldn’t be telling her!

Panel 3
Sancho: (Come on. The lad may be thick as a brick but he’s not that stupid. He’s not just going to tell some whore every fucking secret he knows.)

Panel 4
Bea: Think about it! Why him? Why didn’t she try to seduce anybody else? Why not Bradley or–

Sancho: (The boy’s only got eyes for Niki, she and Uba don’t seem the types that can be seduced, the old man’s too old in her mind, she’s terrified of you probably, and you’re the only one brave enough to fuck something like me! Stop it! Just fucking trust him for once, huh?! He’s not a child!)

Panel 5
Bea: It’s HER I don’t trust! Look, just get me alone in a room with her and–

Panel 6
Sancho: (And you’ll do what? Do her like you did that ghoul? Like anyone else your nutto fucking emperor wants answers from? What’ll you say to her king when you hand over whats left of her in a sack! You’re going to start a fucking war!

Panel 7
Sancho: (No. We’ll get someone else to talk to her. Me or the old man, maybe. But not. You.)

Panel 8
(Bea sulks as Sancho walks off)
Sancho: (I’m going to go check on Tulip. Gods know what they’ve been feeding her…)

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