Don’t put shit on my plate I didn’t ask for!

As a former gangster, Sancho can be just as scary as Bea, but is much quieter about it.


Page 38 panel 1
(⅔ long panel across top. Dinner. No Bea)

Panel 2
(Malinque gives Lysander a kiss as she fills his cup)

Panel 3
(Uba angrily drinks from own cup while trying not to watch)

Panel 4
(Malinque fills Sancho’s cup)

Panel 5
(Sancho grabs Malinque’s arm as she leaves)

Panel 6
(pulls Malinque down to him)
Sancho: I wanna talk to you. After dinner. Take me somewhere we won’t be bothered.

Panel 7
Malinque: I have… prior engagements. If you want to set up a trist–

Panel 8
Sancho: I don’t want that.
(I just want to talk. It’d be in your best interest)

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