Someone needs a few lessons in subtlety and honestly I can’t decide who.


Page 36 panel 1
(⅔ panel across top. Background: Malinque passes Lysander, brushing his hand and winking. He smiles and blushes. Foreground: Bea looking on, from back)
Bea: (whispering) Look at them!

Panel 2
Sancho: (not looking and not interested) What?

Panel 3
Bea: You don’t think they’re… you know…
Sancho: Fucking? So what? ‘E’s a adult, ‘e can fuck who ‘e wants. What’s it tae ye?

Panel 4
Bea: I don’t like it.

Panel 5
Sancho: Why not? You jealous or sumthin’? Ye wan ‘e should be pinin’ awa for ye the rest o’ his life?

Panel 6
Bea: WHAT? No! Look, I was fine when it was him and Uba. I mean I assume they were… I mean she was there every night…

Panel 7
Sancho: Maybe she got tired of’im. Let them alone! Why’ve ye got such a problem wi’ this?

Panel 8
Bea: I told you, I don’t trust her!

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