We get a peek at some of our heroes’ inventory. Not as interesting as we’d hoped.


Page 35 panel 1

(long panel across top. Alexey has list in hand, is summoning items. Bea hugs her weapons)
Bea: My babies! It’s been so long!

Panel 2
(Niki going through bag, making sure she has everything)
Bradley: The king’s still sick. Isn’t that, like, really weird?

Panel 3
Niki: I don’t know. I offered to help, but they wouldn’t let me see him.

Panel 4
Bradley: Really?
Niki: It makes sense, though. He probably has his own healers. He might not trust outsiders and barbarians with his health.

Panel 5
Niki: (nuzzling up to Bradley) Anyway, I have no desire to leave yet. I rather like having a room to ourselves for once.
Bradley: (smiling) Heh heh. Yeah.

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