There’s not many ways left this can end well.


page 34 panel 1
(Lysander shoulders hunched, looking very low)
Lysander: (thinking) Say no. This is a bad idea. It’s not right, it’s not healthy. I can’t keep doing this. Even if I really, really want to.
Lysander: (aloud, small text) … yes.

Panel 2
Malinque: Good.

Panel 3
Malinque: (laying down, pulling him back down with her) Now come back down here and talk to me.

Panel 4
Lysander: (dejectedly) What do you want me to say?

Panel 5
Malinque: I don’t know… anything! You’re next in line for the throne, what are your plans for your empire?

Panel 6
Lysander: I’m not even sure I’m going to take the throne. I certainly don’t want to. Neither does my father. I have no reason to ever go back there. What do I care what happens to it?

Panel 7
Malinque: If not king, then what do you want to do?

Panel 8
Lysander: I don’t know, really. I think I might like to be a blacksmith.

Panel 9
Malinque: A blacksmith?
Lysander:(smiling) Why not? I like smithing.

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