You gotta hand it to her, she knows what she’s doing.


Page 33 panel 1
(Long panel across top. Still on top of her, thigh in hand, foreheads touching)

Panel 2
(Lysander rolls over, Malinque, still in Bea’s shape, cuddles up on him)
Lysander: Oh my God. I needed that.

Panel 3
Malinque: See? I told you I could make you happy.

Panel 4
(Lysander hands over face, no longer happy)
Lysander: Oh no. Oh what did I do? God damn it what in Hell did I just do?

Panel 5
Malinque: You did nothing wrong, you just–

Panel 6
Lysander: (head in hands) She’s going to kill me. This is wrong and I know it and she’s going to find out and she’s going to kill me!

Panel 7
Malinque: (comforting him) She’s not going to find out. How could she? She’s staying in a completely different wing of the palace. Relax. What we just did was nice, wasn’t it? I’d like to do it again. If you’ll let me.

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