* No it isn’t. Malinque took quite a few artistic liberties in Bea’s appearance to make her more conventionally attractive, thus hoping for a better success rate for achieving her goal. Which apparently worked. (She probably would not have needed to, to be honest.)


Page 32 panel 1
(lysander sits)
Malinque: (caressing Lysander’s face with her hand) How is it wrong? You’re miserable. I can make you happy, by giving you what you want.

Panel 2
Lysander: (removes her hand from his face) I don’t know, it just… it just is. You’re not her.

Panel 3
Malinque: I can be. I’m very good at what I do.

Panel 4
Lysander: If she found out… she would murder me.

Panel 5
Malinque: Then don’t tell her. I won’t. It can be our. Little. Secret.

Panel 6
Lysander: This is really what she looks like?
Malinque: Accurate to every tiny detail. *

Panel 7
(small panel)
Lysander: Sod it all.

Panel 8
(kisses her)

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