If you’re such a fucking clairvoyant, Miss Trained-under-the-Oracle, then why didn’t you prepare a better argument for Miss If-we-just-start-cutting-off-thumbs-from-the-word-go-then-we’ll-get-our-answers-a-lot-sooner-yeah? Or, like, drug her wine, maybe?


Page 27 panel 1
Malinque: (getting frustrated) You visited Saddarhta, did you not? The City of the Oracle? And the Perdwatan trading post of Tarouf? And you assisted the Centaurs of Ati, did you not?
Panel 2
Bea: We didn’t tell anyone what we were doing!
Panel 3
Mainque: Shapeshifting is not my only magical skill. I myself trained under The Oracle–
Panel 4
Bea: Oh, how fucking convenient–
Panel 5
Malinque: –and was hired as a diplomat to strengthen relations between Saddarhta and Pachti, and since I was tutored by Jovian missionaries–
Panel 6
Bea: Well aren’t you just a talented little–
Panel 7
Malinque: (tears in eyes) WHAT CAN I SAY! What can I say to make you believe me!
Panel 8
Bea: (stands up, hands on table) Show me who you really are, because that isn’t your real shape!
Panel 9
Lysander: STOP IT!

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