Once again, the homeless drunk guy is the only voice of reason.


Page 28 panel 1
(Bea snarls at Lysander)

Panel 2
Lysander: If you can’t sit down and be polite, then leave!

Panel 3
Bea: Who the hell do you think–

Panel 4
Lysander: They called me here! They need Romani’s help, not Amoth’s! So in this situation, I am in charge!

Panel 5
(Lysander sits down)
Lysander: (mumbles) You’re no better a diplomat than I am.

Panel 6
(Bea growls, Sancho tugs on shirt)
Sancho: Beatrix. Sit.

Panel 7
(Bea sitting)
Bea: (whispering to Sancho) But she’s a fake! The wizards said so themselves, that’s not her real form!

Panel 8
Sancho: (whispering to Bea) An’ you think yellin’ at’er and scarin’er in public’s gonnae get you a confession? Let ‘er alone. Ye’ve nae eaten or slept in days. Eat sumthin’, give Alexey yer list, an’ go tae bed.

Panel 9
Bea: Why don’t you believe me?!
Sancho: I believe yer. I jus’ dinnae think right noo’s the best time tae worry about it.

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