Not sure the vest-but-no-pants style is gonna take off anywhere else any time soon.


Page 26 panel 1
(⅔ panel along top. Party seated at Roman-style tables, with couches for lounging instead of chairs. No king.)
Panel 2
(same attendant as before walks into the dining area from off camera)
Attendant: Thank you all for coming. I regret to inform you that His Most Royal Highness will not be joining you this evening. He has taken suddenly ill.
Panel 3
Attendant: His most trusted advisors, Malinque and myself, will act as hosts in his stead until he is well. Anything you desire, just ask one of us.
Panel 4
Bea: (raising hand) I have a question. What did you call us here for?
Panel 5
Malinque: His Majesty would rather discuss that issue with you himself. But I can say that tales of your skills and your exploits have reached the king’s ears, and he hopes most heartily that you can help–
Panel 6
Bea: How? How have stories of us “reached the king’s ears”? No one is supposed to know what we’re doing.
Panel 7
Malinque: (holds up hand) I understand your concern, and I understand that Nildar tend to be rather paranoid–
Panel 8
Bea: Paranoid?! I’ll make you–
Sancho: Stop it. Let’er finish.

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