Page 16 panel 1
Bea: What makes you think it’s gonna be a girl? I’ve had twelve boys, I don’t think I can even have girls. I wouldn’t know what to do with one, anyway.

Panel 2
Sancho: ‘Ow would it be any differn than what you’d dae wi’ a lad?

Panel 3
Bea: What, and have her grow up to be like me? Dirty and feral and ready to rip out the world’s throat for looking at her wrong? Gods forbid.

Panel 4
Sancho: Better a wee lit’l lass tae take after you than a boy tae take after ‘is ugly fuckin’ da.

Panel 5
(Bea smooshes closer)
Bea: You are not ugly.

Panel 6
Sancho: I am and you know it.

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