They’re old and have been thru some shit, let them be weird.

There will now be a short hiatus while I prepare the next scene. I will now start introducing some 18+ content, in which I will upload an entire scene at once, however many pages they are, with a splash screen before hand warning you. There will be a link to skip it and go on to the next SFW scene if so desired. At least, as SFW as I ever am. Which isn’t very. You will not miss anything crucial to the plot by doing so.

Thank you for your patience.


Page 17 panel 1
Bea: Nuh-uh. Elves only like to look at beautiful things and I like looking at you, so…

Panel 2
Sancho: Aye, but yer mad as fookin’ a cat.

Panel 3
(Bea purrs and bites him)

Panel 4
Sancho: Ah!

Panel 5

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