*Since Beatrix never saw physical illness in Amoth, only in the Mortal Lands, she thinks being sick is always fatal. After all, mortals get sick a lot and they don’t live very long, so correlation must equal causation. That’s prevailing theory in Nildarin philosophy at any rate.


Page 14 panel 1
(some time later. Bathing nearing done, still in tub, Bea still finishing up)
Bea: See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Panel 2
Sancho: (relaxing) I guess not. Hot water’s kinda nice, actually.

Panel 3
Bea: Haven’t you ever been to a bathhouse before?

Panel 4
Sancho: Nah. We ‘ad… a wooden tub me ma would drag oot mebby once e’ery few months. She used tae heat the water when I were lit’l, but after a while fuel were too expensive tae waste on bath water, so we’d only bathe when it got warm.

(background text:
Olivia: Don’t you let him run away again!)

Panel 5
Sancho: But even in summer there were a cold breeze at night. And wi’ me and me da alwa bein’ sick, she din’t like tae risk it tae often. Only when we really needed it.

Panel 6
Sancho: But the water were dirty anyway. It smelled weird, and ye couldnae drink it by itself. Ye had tae boil it or add whiskey t–

(background text:
Olivia and babby Sancho yelling and cursing)

Panel 7
Bea: (nervously) You were sick when you were a child?*

Panel 8
Sancho: I… nah, I weren’t too bad, but me da were bad off. Couldnae leave th’oose most days, he ‘ad trouble walkin’, coughin’ up blood… but me ma worried it would happen tae me, too.

Panel 9
Bea: Did it?
Sancho: Nah, I’m fine. If I ‘avnae managed tae kill mesel’ off yet it won’t ‘appen anytime soon.

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