Back in the days before paper was easily and cheaply mass produced, people had to get creative in the bathroom. Large soft leaves, a hand towel, old rags… In Romani’s case, it’s a sponge attached to a stick and kept in a bucket of vinegar.


Page 13 panel 1
(zoom tub. Water dripping out of wherever the water comes from)

Panel 2
(large splash)

Panel 3
(Sancho in tub, fully clothed and irate as fuck)
Sancho: OW, FUCK! It’s hot!

Panel 4
(Bea undressed and in bath. Sultry smile, claw just barely piercing under his chin)
Bea: Funny, I seem to remember you like a bit of pain.

Panel 5
(Sancho taking off wet clothes, blushing)
Sancho: That’s differnt.

Panel 6
(hands Sancho soap and sponge)
Bea: You know what to do with these?

Panel 7
(Sancho points to sponge with trepidation)
Sancho: I’nt that fer yer arse?

Panel 8
Bea: Only if it’s in a latrine.

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