Shape-shifters don’t trust other shape-shifters. That would be like hamsters entrusting their newborns with other hamsters.


page 8 panel 1
(Alexey and Bradley talking)
Bradley: (whispering) Huh. You think it’s an illusion?
Alexey: (whispering) No, not an illusion. But it is weird.

panel 2
(Alexey taps Bea on shoulder, she turns head)

panel 3
Bea: What?
Alexey: (whispering) Do me a favor and shapeshift for us.

panel 4
Bea: (whispering) What, HERE? I’d have to take off my clothes!

panel 5
Alexey: (whispering) No no, just a hand, a finger even, anything you want.

panel 6
(Bea shifts hand to paw)
Alexey: Ah hah.
Bradley: (whispering) Crap, dude.

panel 7
Bea: (whispering, concerned) What?

panel 8
Alexey: (whispering) That Malinque girl’s a shapeshifter.

panel 9 (Bea glares at Malinque)

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