It’s not that odd that a Cohatlani king would have a Romani-style bathhouse at his court. As an enthusiastic puppet of the Roman crown, he’s kinda a weeb for Roman culture, despite not knowing the language. He probably knows a few words here and there, and uses them wrong, but he thinks he’s super cool for knowing them.


Page 9 panel 1
Malinque: (to whole party) Please, come. Rooms are being prepared for you all in the palace, and space is being made available in the royal stables for your animal.

Panel 2
Malinque: In the meantime, please enjoy our Romani-style bathhouse with private baths, our garden, or our games house while supper is being prepared.

Panel 3
Lysander: You really don’t have to go through all this trouble, we’re used to roughing it. I’m sure that with the ghouls outside and the refugees–

Panel 4
Malinque: Not to worry. With the help of our ingenious elven and goblin brethren, we are able to produce enough food and goods within the walls that there is more than plenty to go around.

Panel 5
Lysander: But how–

Panel 6
Malinque: I said don’t worry. You Romans may think that we’re all just savages living in huts and sleeping on the ground and scratching a living out of the jungle, but you would be surprised at the level of sophistication to which we are capable of living.

Panel 7
Lysander: That’s… I’m sorry that’s not what I meant, I only–

Panel 8
Malinque: I apologize for my poor sense of humour. I know what you mean. But really, we produce more than enough. We are always expecting new refugees as the ghoul problem spreads, and we have to be prepared.

Panel 9
Malinque: Now, if you’ll all just come through here.

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