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page 6 panel 1
(Alexey unconscious. Niki’s hand hovering over head, magic)

panel 2
(Alexey opens eyes)
Niki: There you are.

panel 3
(Alexey sits up abruptly. They are in a refugee camp infirmary)
Alexey: What the Hell!

panel 4
Niki: We’re safe. We’re in the town of Pachti. You went unconscious trying to keep the defences up all night, and we had to retreat.

panel 5
Alexey: I’m in my underclothes.

panel 6
Niki: I know. We had to abandon everything.

panel 7
Alexey: So I guess there’s no chance of a smoke then?
Niki: Sorry.

panel 8
Goblin:(hands him a cigar) You wanna smoke?
Alexey: Hey, you’re alright kid.
Niki: (off camera) Don’t give him that!

panel 9
(Alexey lighting up)
Alexey: Any chance of a cup of coffee?
Goblin: (to offscreen)Yo, Acti! Coffee!

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