This is not helping anyone’s anxiety, I’m sure.


Page 33 panel 1
(Guards going through party’s things)

Panel 2
(Guard holding Lysander’s helm)
Guard 1: Whao- ho- ho- ho! Caught ourselves a general! Nice!

How much you reckon his family’ll pay for him?

Panel 3
Guard 2: Can’t be no general! This kid can’t be more than 22, 23 maybe.

Guard 1: Nah brah, humans just Look Like That.

Panel 4
Lysander: I’m an imperial legatus, serial number three–

Panel 5
Guard 1: Did we tell you you could talk, Sunshine?

Panel 6
Guard 3: Alright, get undressed. All o’ yez.

Panel 7
Bradley: (nervously) W-why do we need to get undressed?

Panel 8
Guard 3: So’s we can make sure you’re not secreting anything away underneath your clothes. Why, you got somethin’ to hide, pretty boy?

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