Page 28 panel 1
( Long panel across top. Party sidling along through crack: Teo, Ruby, Lysander, Bradley, Sancho, Bea)

Panel 2
Bea: (stomach scraping against wall. whispering) I hate this!

Panel 3
Sancho: At least we’re daen this noo and no’ in another month.

Panel 4
Bea: Gods, don’t remind me.

Panel 5
Bea: OW!

Panel 6
Bradley: You okay?

Panel 7
Teo: Careful, it’s sharp sometimes. When bits break off the wall.

Bea: Thanks for the advanced warning.

Panel 8
Sancho: Jus’ … suck it in er somethin’.

Bea: It doesn’t work like that!

Lysander: (off camera, from front) Everything alright back there?

Panel 9
Bea: (thinking) stupid baby. I hate being pregnant.

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