“Declaration of Friendship” sounds so much nicer than “Declaration to Help Me Kick My Dad’s Ass.”


Page 1 panel 1
(Goblin hand signing document from centaur camp)

Panel 2
Jo: There. I signed your “declaration of friendship”. But I’m warning you, Roman, if you don’t hold up your end of the bargain–!

Panel 3
Lysander: If I don’t hold up my end to the best of my abilities, then I’m not worth the ink you signed your name with.

Panel 4
Lysander: But there’s no need to worry…

Panel 5
(Shot of Uba coming their way with her pack)
Lysander: … I have someone who will be holding me to my obligations.

Panel 6
Jo: (nods) hm.

Panel 7
(Jo hands him a clay seal)
Jo: Show this to anyone in the underground and you’ll be treated fairly. That is, until you reach the colony mines.

Panel 8
Bradley: What are the… colony mines?

Panel 9
Lysander: Mines owned by our labour colonies on this part of the continent. It’s where we send most of our prisoners.

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