A New Challenger approaches…


Page 41 panel 1
(Ufta very angry. Drags son toward him)
Ode: Baba, Ow!
Ufta: =What do you think you are doing?!=
Uba: =I was only– =

Panel 2
Ode: (crying) =Baba, it hurts!=
Ufta: =I am his teacher! Not you!=

Panel 3
Uba: =He looked like he was struggling so I was showing him an easier way to– =

Panel 4
Ufta: =He was not struggling! He is learning Kasi magic! So he must learn the Kasi way! You and your Romans have no right to– =

Panel 5
(Alexey enters)
Alexey: Hey there sir. Do you have a problem with my student?

Panel 6
Alexey: Now, I don’t have kids or anything, I ain’t gonna pretend I know anything about parenting but if it were me and my daughter had come back years after being kidnapped, I wouldn’t be talking to her like this. I’d be overjoyed she was back safely.

Panel 7
Alexey: In fact, I’m pretty damn proud of her myself. She’s a good student and a hard worker, and she has the most raw natural talent I’ve ever seen in someone so young! You should be PROUD to have a daughter like her!

Panel 8
Ufta: =What right do you think you have to speak to me thus! I am the leader of the most powerful and prosperous clan in this land!=

=Of course I am happy she’s back! But she knew she could not practise among us! She has caused too much damage as it is! All of this, everything that has happened to us, is because of her selfishness and disobedience! If she will not be content to marry into a people who will let her practise her craft, she must be content to never use it again!=

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