If you push the talk button it calls the last person to call you. Ku’la was not allowed to use that button.


Page 1 panel 1
(Device lying on ground)

Panel 2
(Alexey picks it up)
Alexey: What the Hell? I haven’t seen one of these since the war. What’s it doing here?

Panel 3
(pushes button and talks into it)
Alexey: Hello?
Shard: Ku’la you fool I told you not to–

Panel 4
Shard: Who… who are you?

Panel 5
Alexey: Alexey Brian Gillespie, professor of Arcane Sciences at Amphipolis University, nice to meet you. And you are, miss?

Panel 6
(Shard looks horrified)

Panel 7
(screen blinks off)

Panel 8
Alexey: Hello?

Panel 9
(Alexey shrugs, puts Device in pocket)

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