Ku’la and Thom’la Shaa were twins, born out of wedlock in a Gomerian slum and abandoned on the steps of the Guild of Beggars. They learned how to survive surrounded by the best grifters, hustlers, and confidence men in Portu Pulchera on Romani’s north-western coast, a place not known for it’s beautiful beaches and courteous denizens. But there was never a better place to look for bootleg liquor, smuggled goods, questionable narcotics, or a place to hide if the law was after you. And they were good. Very good, despite Thom’la’s epilepsy. But just because they were good didn’t mean they were liked. They were still bastards, still Goblins in a time and place where Goblins weren’t considered people. So Ku’la learned shape-shifting, while Thom’la specialized in pick-pocketing. And they made a pretty good living, too.

Until they’d seduced and robbed one of Shard’s top generals. So when they were dragged before her, quaking in fear of the infamous Queen of the Dead, she gave them an ultimatum. They would work for her. She would take care of them, provide Thom’la with the medicine that would stop his fits, fill their bellies with food and wine and treat them like people. And she did. For a time.


Page 53 panel 1
( shard looks disappointed and stern)

Panel 2
Shard: Why do you want to see your brother?

Panel 3
Ku’la: Just to make sure he’s alright– his fits–

Panel 4
Shard: Do you not trust me!

Panel 5
Ku’la: No, Your Ladyship, I–

Panel 6
Shard: You think I am a liar! How dare you, girl! I gave you my word I would keep him safe until you have done your job!

Ku’la: But I’m done now and I just want to see him! Please! I just miss him so much!

Panel 7
Shard: I will tell you when you are done, do you understand me?! Until then you shall not see him!

Ku’la: I’m sorry Your Ladyship, I’m so sorry! Please! I just want to go home!

Panel 8
(End of transmission. Screen black)

Panel 9
(Kula on all fours on ground, sobbing)

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