She says having never, ever interacted with a real Kasi beyond turning them into zombies.

* Lit., “blood-letter”. Nildarin term for assassin)


Page 52 panel 1
Shard: Ku’la, my darling. What news do you have for me?

Panel 2
Ku’la: Both tasks you wanted me to do are done. The king is dying, and I’ve made contact with The Oracle’s heroes.

Shard: And?

Panel 3
Ku’la: You were right. Beniaminus sent his only surviving son. He is supposed to be spying on Romani’s enemies and assisting Your Ladyship, but has since changed allegiance to The Oracle and their mercenaries.

Shard: Good <3. Anything else?

Panel 4
Ku’la: Um… One of them is a Seregwethrin*, either Lolan or Kokiri, I can’t tell which. Mentally unstable, I reckon. Two of them are Pelleponesians. They may be trouble. There’s also the great-grandson of Sancho Ortega. And a Kasi Shaman. A female one.

Shard: A female shaman, eh? I’m surprised, usually Kasi aren’t that progressive. Bully for them, I say.

Panel 5
Shard: What of the taurs. There are two of them, aren’t there? What of them?

Panel 6
Ku’la: Um… There’s only one, My Lady. A mid-level healer. She’s not a threat to Your Ladyship. I think they had another, a satyr, but he stayed behind in Summerwood.

Shard: Perfect <3

Panel 7
Ku’la: Lady Shard…?

Shard: Yes, Ku’la, what is it?

Panel 8
Ku’la: Can… can I see him? Can I see my brother?

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