Page 24 panel 1
Alexey: Later this evening, after eating and getting a bit more rest, I can start–
(knock at the door stage right)

Panel 2
(Lysander gets up to answer it; Malinque at the door)
Malinque: His Highness would be most grateful if you would all join him at his table tonight. He says even the women may come.

Panel 3
(Bea snarls snidely)
Bea: How fucking chivalrous.

Panel 4
Malinque: Is it not the same way in both Romani and Amoth? Men and women dine separately, do they not?

Panel 5
(Bea opens mouth to rebuke, but Lysander cuts her off)
Lysander: Tell His Majesty we shall be honoured.

Panel 6
Malinque: Very good. He has been looking forward to meeting all of you. Supper will be in half an hour.

Panel 7
(Bea growls at Malinque’s back as she leaves)

Panel 8
Sancho: What?

Panel 9
Bea: I don’t like her. She doesn’t smell right. And she’s a shapeshifter. I know from personal experience that trustworthy people don’t become shape-shifters.

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