Look, Lysander was stationed in Cohatlan for two years and doesn’t speak a word of Cohatlani, you’re doing fine friend.


page 3 panel 1
voice: (off camera) Pleece! Pleece!
(party turns)

panel 2
(two people, one Cohatlani, one Kodar with scars on neck, approach)
Man: Pleece, you are just arrive? From outside?

panel 3
Lysander: Yes. Barely. But we’ve lost–

panel 4
(elf staring strangely at Lysander)
Man: So sorry, but my Common… it’s no good. You are Romans, yes?

panel 5
Lysander: I am, yes. The rest–

panel 6
(Elf digs in pouch)
Chipahua: Pleece. I am Chipahua, he is Cadamael. We are in charge of new refugee. You follow–

panel 7
(Cadamael hands Chipahua a silver coin, who looks at it with astonishment)
Chipahua: Ximalmat.

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