Compared to every part of his body going into revolt against and trying to kill every other part of his body since about 14 years old, yeah, asthma’s not that bad.


page 2 panel 1
(Niki uses magic on Sancho’s chest)
Niki: Relax. Big, slow, deep breaths.
Bea: (to Sancho) How long have you been like this?! Why didn’t you tell me!

panel 2
Sancho: For ever. Isnae that bad. I ‘ad worse.
Niki: Slow, deep breaths.

panel 3
(Sancho pushes Niki away)
Sancho: I ken ‘ow tae fookin’ breath! Fer fuck sake!
Bradley: Hey, don’t push her!

panel 4
Lysander: Everyone calm down! We’re all here, we’re all reasonably well.

panel 5
(focus on Alexey lying on ground)
Lysander: (off camera) With the possible exception of the Professor.

panel 6
Niki: Oh Hira, the Professor!

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