Three people is not a legion, Dad!

* People keep calling him a goblin because the ears are kind of similar and also because goblins are famous for having an odd smell. They do not, however, smell like alcoholics who don’t bathe (unless they are actually alcoholics who don’t bathe). It’s a chemical secretion that was designed to warn other races to leave them alone. This secretion causes irritation in most other races who come into physical contact with goblins. It is also present in a gland under their claws and in their saliva, making a bite or scratch pretty damn uncomfortable, but not exactly poisonous. It has not saved them from violence by the hands of humans, elves, and dwarfs, however.

** Romani is very anti-magic. All magic users are arrested and executed, regardless of who they are or if they’ve committed a crime. Only the high-level clergy members are allowed to “perform miracles” which are indistinguishable from magic but definitely ARE NOT*** magic.

*** It’s magic.

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