Author’s update: I am considering taking a two-week hiatus so I can work on the book and get a good buffer going on the comic. But I do not want to leave you without updates for that long, so if I DO take a break, I will be having a guest week (more like a guest fortnight, I suppose). SO, if anyone would like to participate in guest almost-fortnight, drop me a line. I don’t care what level of skill you have, or how much experience… I would love to see them. And I’m sure the readers would, too. If I can get at least four guest comics, I’ll take a break. Otherwise, I’ll keep working myself into the ground. For you.

Webmaster’s note: Contact page will be up in a few hours.

Author’s note: Oh, gee, thanks.

Webmaster’s note: Contact page is up.

Author’s note: And it only took 8 hours! 8D

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