Hey guys, I’m doing a book. That’s right, I am in the process of publishing book one of The Ecadian Chronicles (hooray!), and so I am cutting back to updating twice a week. So to make up for the lack of pages, I am introducing a character q&a. Ask a character (or me) any question you like via the box below (or in the comments section), and the most interesting ones will be answered and posted on Sundays.

A bit more about the book: I plan on doing some minor clean-up to earlier pages (like where I fail to add a background). I will also include a short story or character backstory (I haven’t decided who yet) that will not be available online. I am going to be taking donations on this, and will post a link to the kickstarter etc when I have it set up. Thanks for reading EC, and I look forward to lots of questions!

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