Sir you are too gullible for your own good, it’s time to let someone else take control. But not her.


Page 50 panel 1
(Lysander and Malinque still together. Malinque sitting on table. Lysander has hands cradling her head, foreheads touching)

Panel 2
Lysander: I love you.

Panel 3

Panel 4
(Malinque puts hand on Lysander’s face to stop kissing. Looks slightly sad?)
Malinque: I… I can’t stay tonight.

Panel 5
Lysander: Why?
Malinque: There’s something I need to do.

Panel 6
Lysander: What is it?
Malinque: It’s… nothing that need concern you. It’s personal.

Panel 7
Lysander: Does it have anything to do with… erm… any…side effects of, um…
Malinque: Y-yes. That.

Panel 8
Lysander: Come back later, will you?
Malinque: I’ll try.

Panel 9
(Malinque leaves through veranda)

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