He doesn’t know whether he’s too drunk for this situation or if he’s not drunk enough.


Page 30 panel 1
(removes shirt)

Panel 2
(splashes water on face)
Lysander: (thinking) Wasn’t there something I was supposed to do?

Panel 3
(turns at sound of door opening)

Panel 4
(malinque standing there in full bodied cloak)
Lysander: (off camera) Malinque!

Panel 5
Malinque: I just came to see if there was anything Your Majesty wanted?

Panel 6
(Malinque from back to Lysander beyond, holding sheet in front of himself for modesty. Not nearly enough sheet.)
Malinque: If Your Majesty is expecting someone–

Panel 7
(Lysander wrapping more sheet around him)
Lysander: No! I was, um… I was just getting into bed.

Panel 8
(Malinque from back. Takes off cloak)
Malinque: Good <3.

Panel 9
(Malinque naked, sitting down on bed, patting seat next her. Lysander averting gaze)

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