The spells are: Arcane beam with a heat element, and holy shield/light shield (depending on if your culture does "holy" shit or not).

Centaurs are perfectly comfortable with public nudity. In fact, the only reason the women wear shirts is because Romani strongly enforces it. Otherwise, everyone would choose to be naked all the time and no one would care. Pelleponese, on the other hand, has very strict laws against public nudity/partial nudity. With the exception of swimsuits at public pools and beaches, tops that cover the chest and stomach, bottoms that cover at least the top half of the thighs, and shoes must be worn at all times by sentient creatures possessing corporeal humanoid bodies and/or feet.

For a transgender person like Bradley, nudity can be even more uncomfortable than it is for their cis-gendered countrymen. Even though he’s had his breasts removed and can now go to a beach without having to wear a t-shirt or a binder, he’s still getting used to going topless in groups, even if everyone else in the group is doing so, and even though no one in the group outside of Niki and Alexey knows. So he’s being quite chivalrous in giving Niki his shirt so she doesn’t have to go naked around all those other men. And even though she doesn’t think she needs it, she accepts because she knows how anxious he is about it.

(I am putting this bit down here because what I’m about to link has an age restriction) So we’ve finally come out of this long hiatus, and the reason for this is two-fold: While working on the next chapter, which is coming up very soon, I found that we are getting into some very Adult Content. Now usually I just hint at it really hard, but in a recent tumblr/FB poll a few people mentioned that they might like to see the Adult Content more obliquely. Now this isn’t the kind of thing I normally do or think about, so I sat myself down and worked out a scene (that has already happened off-camera, so no spoilers) so you can see how I do it. It is definitely 18+, just so you’re warned. And it won’t happen a lot, only when it is appropriate. I am not looking for critique, just a yes or a dear gods please no. You have been warned.

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  1. Gryphon says:

    I’m going to say no to seeing adult content in the comic, those scenes make me very uncomfortable when I see them, so I’d prefer you just hinting at it like you have done previously.

  2. cad the bad says:

    welcome back and keep on getting better

  3. ershc says:

    I’m OK with the more ‘graphic’ stuff, but why not use this debate to drum up patreon (or whatever) support? Supporters get one vote per $ ?

  4. Ok, so I got a lot of comments about the graphic content, and here’s what I think I’m gonna do…

    I’ve gotten far more “yae’s” than “nae’s”, but I can totally understand that sexually explicit stuff can be very uncomfortable, even triggering, for some. So for those pages, I’m going to add a click through script, so that you can’t see it until you click on something. Kinda like a read more? If that makes sense? I’m gonna try like hell to make it work on mobile as well in case anyone puts up with our shitty fucking mobile site. (I would like a whole new mobile site, as well as a huge accessibility upgrade, but that’s as maybe.) Does that work for everyone?

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