He is so confused. Normally, damsels in distress don't try to electrocute you.

A bit of explanation: The witch girl is a Kasi (people last seen kneeling over a speared satyr). To her, along with just about everyone else on the planet, Romans are seen as a threat, the same as Minotaurs. But this centaur woman resembles a Zev (Rigo’s people), and she remembers Zev being safe. So amidst and entire camp of people who want to hurt her, there is one thing she knows as “safe”, and so she clings to it. I was told this was confusing without an explanation.

Oh yeah, this is also the last page of Chapter 14! This has been a verry long chapter.

I hope everyone had a really good holiday and New Year, and that this year brings you many good things <3

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