I chose it because it was the same price as normal coffee and there was a tiger on it. Because I'm like 4 years old.

Here’s page 3 of my 24 hour journal comic. Now everyone knows I’m a Whovian. And now you think I’m either super cool or super lame. Whichever you think, YOU’RE super cool for reading this comic! So thanks. You’re appreciated.

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  1. Rraurgrimm says:

    A friendly ‘Allons-y’ to a fellow Whovian, then! I was taken absolutely by surprise – when a friend of mine did ask me to watch the 50th anniversary episode ‘Day of the Doctor’ – and every single showing in our local cinema was booked out, we were lucky to get a seat. So just wanted to say – You are not alone!

    • Aw, man, I still haven’t seen Day of the Doctor! I want to so bad, but I haven’t had time (I am also watching through from the very beginning, starting with William Hartnell, after watching through 9, 10,11. I am currently on Peter Davison.)

      Jelly Babies for all ma Whovians!

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