A back story cometh.

Even though I’m not leaving until next week, this is going to be the last post until guest week is finished. This is because the next bit is some back story that’s going to take a while and I don’t want to stop in the middle of it.

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  1. XMinusOne says:

    Having recently discovered this comic and finished reading the archives to the present date, I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed the story so far. Your plotting, character development, dialog and pacing are quite enjoyable; your artwork continues to improve as your panels have become more precise and detailed in delineation.

    I am looking forward to future episodes upon your return.

    • Aaw! (#^.^#) This is a really nice, well-written comment! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! But I hope everyone can enjoy the guest comment, too. And I will get back to it as soon as I can!

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