All these guys have names that I'll probably never get a chance to use :(

Niki’s too short to hold his hand properly so she has to be all awkward about it :3 Or, how I hold Ellvix’s hand.

You may notice some things different. One is that I couldn’t stand my lazy speech blobs anymore so I’m trying something new! These look more like everyone else’s, but maybe a bit too cartoony. Any opinions or suggestions? I know there are probably built in speech bubble things in photoshop and manga studio, but I don’t use those, because they cost money. I use gimp 2.6 because it’s free and I’m comfortable with it.

Also, you may or may not notice that I’ve updated a day early. That’s because tomorrow is Mothers’ Day here in the US, and I’ll probably be busy. And I couldn’t come up with a good mother-related comic that wasn’t either super boring or super depressing, so you get the regular storyline. But if you have one in mind that want, let me know!

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