The first of the valentines I made!

Dwarfs have a complicated social structure (due to an unfortunate battle that happened a long time ago, in a mine far, far away) that doesn’t recognize gender or gender roles, apart from the necessary process of making and feeding more dwarfs when they are needed. They do not have gender-specific pronouns, but for non-dwarfs’ sakes will accept “he” (unless otherwise requested.) This can make love and marriage somewhat complicated for us above-grounders, but they seem to get on just fine.

Since these are small, I will be putting up a new valentine every day until the fourteenth. That means for the next week I will update EVERY DAY! As you’ve probably noticed, love is my thing. If it’s not yours, you may wanna take a break and come back when the story continues. Whatever you do, I hope you have an amazing week! <3

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