The wizards might be rethinking their decision to hide the internet (or whatever their equivalent is) from the Mainlanders if this is how she thinks up a recipe. And she wouldn’t have access to cook books because nobs don’t cook their own food, and slaves, as a rule, cannot read.

2 Responses to Cooking with Bea! ep.2

  1. JJ says:

    Oh, yes it is Bea..
    Let’s buy her the Akane Tendo Basics Cookbook for her birthday.
    Or something on common household poisons 😉

  2. A book on CURING household poisons, maybe. She’s already pretty good at administering them (intentionally and UNintentionally). Maybe one of the wizards will get fed up and loan her one of their Devices, with a big “Cooking for Total Noobs” icon on the desktop. Eating food and not being poisoned probably outweighs the Prime Directive anyway.

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