I think this one was probably the most fun. Ellvix says I should make this a series. What do you think, readers? Should this be a thing?

8 Responses to Chicken Soup

  1. norspherato says:

    haha id probably do the same thing… either that or burn a forest in the process of trying

  2. Razmoudah says:

    Yes, you definitely need to do a series themed on this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Haha. This would be good. Do a ‘Bea’s preferred herbs and spices’ featuring the bug repellent…

  4. JJ says:

    Heck yes, Bea’s botched beans have lots of potential. I’m sure she can teach those pesky vegetables and spices a thing or two.

  5. Stig Hemmer says:

    One should think that some time during those millennia she could have found time to learn better…

    • Well, she knows the basics of making food hot… but when you spend that long either having people cook for you or eating all your meals raw, the concept of making food taste good to other people is a bit of a stretch.

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